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Introduction to An Evening with Zhenya

An Evening with Zhenya was the last concert I gave for the LDS (Mormon) Church. It was presented at the request of the Ventura Stake Relief Society president to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the LDS Relief Society by Emma Smith, wife of Joseph Smith, Jr., founder of the Mormon Church, on March 17, 1842.

An Evening with Zhenya 1:12:44

This performance date was March 17, 1992. The stake RS president wanted me to sing Russian love songs for her sisters at the “Homemaking” theme for that stake meeting. Realizing the significance of the date and its purpose, I asked Judy if I could present a program having a deeper home and homeland theme and sent her my proposed program notes (see below) to accompany the performance. She was pleased with the change.

The first voice you hear is that of Judy Hule, Ventura stake Relief Society president, introducing me and the program. The timeline illustration was developed as a reference for the program notes.


PROGRAM NOTES for An Evening with Zhenya



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