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EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL in engineering management, materials technology, and technical liaison in USA-FSU (Former Soviet Union) relations. SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE

2010-2012. Los Alamos Deep Democracy Open Forum, Inc. 501(c)3 Company. President/CEO

4/1999- 5/2012. Los Alamos Public Schools. (Part-time school bus driver)

1997-8 Blacksmith Ranch Enterprises, Ft. Collins, CO. R&D on converting bio-waste into fertilizer on commercial scale.

1996 (Retired)

1993-1996 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Los Alamos, NM; OGDEN ENVIRONMENTAL and ENERGY SERVICES, INC.; BENCHMARK ENVIRONMENTAL CORP.; BUTLER SERVICES GROUP, Albuquerque, NM; Consulting services to Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) relative to stakeholder involvement on nuclear waste and environmental restoration issues. • Cross cultural liaison between scientists from LANL, the US Department of Energy, and the Ministry of Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation relative to cooperative interaction on radiochemical safety issues. • EPOTEC, Inc., Taos, NM. Facilitated founders board of directors.

1992-1993 VAPOR TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Santa Fe, NM. Technical and management consulting relative to developing product line for dental industry. • CREEI process seminars, workshops, and private consulting. Event analysis, team building, and infra- and interpersonal communication

1990-1992 HOT SECTION TECHNOLOGIES. Ventura, CA. Chief Engineer. Technical and management procedure development relative to repairing hot section components of commercial jet engines.

1988-1990 KOVALENKO and ASSOCIATES. Long Beach, CA. Technical and management consulting. Trade development with Eastern European Markets. Specializing in technology transfer, leadership development and management training.

1985-2010 CENTER FOR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. Ventura, CA. A private, non-profit leadership development corporation. 1988-1993. Vice Chairman, Director of CREEI Institute. 1985-2005. Board of Directors

BRUNSWICK CORPORATION. DEFENSE DIVISION. Costa Mesa, CA. 1987-1988 Engineering manager, Wintec Aerospace Specialty Products.. Responsible for all engineering activities including new design for fluid management and filtration systems, thermal and acoustic insulation and propellant management devices. Helped turn around projected major financial loss to company by applying innovative interpersonal management techniques.

1980-1987 Materials and processes manager. Responsible for materials and processes specifications and procedures, new product development, fusion and resistance weld schedule development, failure analysis and problem solving. (DoD Secret clearance)

1979-1980. B & K ENTERPRISES. Long Beach, CA. Private partnership for new products research and development applied to automotive industry. Developed patents. #4,280,293 and #4,403,589.

1979 Eyring Research Institute. Provo, Utah. R&D on classified sensing devices.

1972 - 1990. KOVALENKO & ASSOCIATES technical and management consulting.

1976 University of California at Los Angeles. Extension Division: Department of Humanities and Communications. Developed and taught innovative course on interpersonal and intra-personal communications: Creative Dreaming and Spiritual Awakening.

1975 SEMCO Products. Inc. North Hollywood, CA. Monitoring devices for nuclear power industry.

1975 - 1978 Energy Research & Applications. Inc., Alpha Glass, Inc., and Engineered Ceramic Products, Inc., El Segundo, CA. R&D on transforming waste material into commercial products.

1973- 1974 Northwest-Soviet Liaison Corporation. Portland, OR. President/CEO. International technical marketing and liaison to USSR. Represented: State of Oregon; Port of Portland; National Medical Enterprises; Endevco and other high tech manufacturers in association with Intertorg, Inc. of Los Angeles.

1972 Lewis and Clark College. Coordinated and facilitated International Immanuel Velikovsky Symposium.

1963 - 1965 GENERAL ATOMIC CORPORATION. La Jolla, CA. Staff Scientist. Research and development of nuclear materials for high temperature gas cooled (HTGR) power reactors.

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